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There are several things that make a good company website. It needs be clear on your mission, easy to navigate, and needs to let clients know exactly what your auto repo company can do for them. It needs to get your logo out there and project an online image of what your real world business is all about.

A client that lands on your website needs to know what you can do for him. Make the content short and concise. No one wants to wade through a novel of text to find out what services you provide. A viewer should not have to work to find what they are looking for.

Have a classic-looking website. Do not be too flashy, have blinking lights, or loud music blaring at your viewers. Very few people like to suddenly have music blasting at them while they are at their desk at work. They also do not want to look at a site that is visually loud in color and design. Your site should look like a professional business site, not a blog, banner farm or Facebook page.

Your site should be inviting to your viewers. When they arrive, they should feel like they are in the lobby of your office or a five-star hotel that is welcoming them to come inside and stay for awhile. They should feel at home when they visit your website.

Your company website should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Before publishing your site, you need to proofread your site multiple times, and also have someone else proofread it. A second set of proofing eyes will always find errors that the first proofreader misses. Oftentimes, the original author misses his own errors when he proofreads what he wrote. I have found this to be true when I write an article.

Your site should make contacting you very easy. Place your email address, physical address, mailing address and company phone number all throughout your site. You also should have a “Contact Us” link and page on your site which will take the viewer to all of your contact information.

Last but not least! Maintain your website by keeping it free of spam, broken links, errors and other pesky problems that annoy viewers and make you appear unprofessional.

For starters, this is 2012, and every business needs one!

But here is a list of additional reasons why you need to build an auto repossession company website.

  • A website will always improve your company image. Clients are bound to ask you for your website address, and if you do not have one, then you need to have some solid reasons to tell them why you don’t. Telling them it is too expensive certainly will not help your image! Every one of your current and potential clients is going to have a website. Why don’t you have one?
  • A website can help get your company some exposure. Having a website is essentially like having a billboard on every street, in every city, town and neighborhood, in every state of the country. It gets you noticed, which results in more business.
  • A website can reduce costs because it is a permanent, non-print brochure for clients to view. There are no mailing, design or printing costs when a client visits your repo company website and views your “online brochure”.
  • A website is always working for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • A website offers your clients and potential clients a choice. They can call you at the contact number you list on your site. They can find and utilize your fax number on your site, and they can send you an email. A potential client can find you through Google or other search engines and have several ways to contact you when they need an auto repossession done in your service area.
  • A website makes you competitive. If a potential client is looking online for a repossession agent in your area, and you do not have a website for them to find, then I give you a 150% chance of not getting that repo assignment! If you have a company website and no one else in your area has one, then you are bound to get work from clients searching your area for an agent. If you have a site and some of your local competitors also have a site, then at least you have a chance to compete for business.
  • A website is like a window that clients can look through to get a peek into your business. Most nationwide clients are probably not going to be stopping by your office to say, “Hello”, but they can stop by online to visit you. If you include some professional photos of your operations and offer some rich textual information about your repossession business, then they are able to get to see the real you and how your business is run.

A website, like anything else, takes time to work. Relevant and fresh content, blog posting, search engine optimization, good key words, link exchanges, pay-per-click ads and length of time online will help to move you up the Google search ladder. It is something you do not want to start and shut down 1 month later just because you did not get 100 new repo orders off of your new site. You need to be patient to see the fruit that results from having an online presence.

I would certainly be smiling if I made an additional $7,000 every month off of an investment that cost me very little. People that invest in the stock market would love to invest just $500 to $1,000 and get $7,000 every month as a return on that tiny investment!

The reason I am writing this article is to call out to all of you auto repossession company owners that do not have a company website. I want to tell you that you are missing the train on something that will bring you business. Who in their right mind would not make a small investment that results in big money coming their way? You are in business, folks, and you need to come to terms with the fact that you are going to have to spend a little on advertising in order to build your business.

Let me be frank with you – many of you are spending a whole lot more on coffee over a year’s time than you would spend on a professional website. Many of you freely spend money on cable TV, satellite radio, cigarettes, chew, coffee, fast food and all sorts of things that are not building your business in any way, shape or form. There is not any return on investment, and yet you do not hold your wallet close to your chest when it comes to these expenditures.  I am not against spending money on entertainment, but I am against doing so when you do not even think about having some sort of advertising budget for your company. I hate to hear a guy express to me that he can’t afford something that costs very little that would bring him more business. We all can afford to find the cash to bring more revenue into our businesses.  We all spend money on the “feel goods” of life. News flash – an extra $7,000 a month is a big “feel good” for me!

Folks, I do not care if you you use the custom website design department to build your site. I do not care one bit if you use someone else to build it. But, for your sake, I only care that you actually have a website! I am telling you that if you do not have a website, get a professional designer to build you one right away. Your business can’t wait any longer!

In the past few months, I have talked with hundreds of repo company owners that have told me the same figures over and over. That their website reels in as much as 20 or more orders every single month from lenders that find their website online. Many times, the order is a one-hit wonder, and they never do another repo from that lender again, but many have brought on a high-volume lender that found them through their internet presence. They advertise on all of the auto repossession company directories, have good content, and, in time, rise to the top of page 1 of Google. These owners have wreckers, offices, storage lots, repo insurance and all the “must haves”, but they also have an online presence. They have an advertising budget, market their companies, make sales calls and spend money to build something great.

Recently, I have also spoken to hundreds of repo business owners that are dying on the vine and crying the blues about not making a profit. These owners have wreckers, offices, storage lots, repo insurance and all the “must haves”, but they do not have a website or an online presence. They do not have an advertising budget, they don’t market their companies, do not make sales calls and refuse to spend some money to build something great.

What is the one big difference between the people I talk to? One group is like cigar boats flying over the waves of a  smooth, blue ocean. The other is like boats that are taking on water, listing to one side and, slowly but surely, sinking. The good news for the second group is that I am sharing with you what I hear on a daily basis about what is building repo businesses. I am telling you that what I hear actually works. It is free advice and you can take action and get things turned around. If… are willing to learn from others.