This is the blog. In addition to our auto repossession online magazine, company directory and forum, we wanted to do some daily blogging about the auto repossession industry. The blogs will be short, sometimes funny, sometimes serious and always informative. is a website that is dedicated to helping you build your repossession business through advertising, networking and helpful advice concerning the repossession industry. It is our sincere goal to help your business realize the profits that are attainable in the recovery business.

We know that you are busy and that your budget constraints may not allow you to hire a salesman for your business. Let us be your salesman and business marketer that is there to help you grow your repossession business to its potential.

Developing a national reputation is the first step to increasing the amount of repo orders your company receives. Using the internet to promote your business will allow auto lenders to know that you are out there by a few simple clicks on our site. Our site plans to provide a wealth of information to repo companies, agents and lenders through articles written by our staff and reader’s submissions.

The one thing that is lacking with some members of the repo industry today is networking. Working together through networking will help to professionalize the recovery industry, share ideas and industry secrets and also help to grow your business.

If you want to learn more about how to become a repoman, how to start an auto repossession business, build your current repossession business then check out our online magazine and forum here