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Do You Want to Repossess More Cars?


  • Do You Want to Repossess More Cars?

    Be Positive All the Time

    I am no Anthony Robbins, but I am a pretty optimistic person. I think that one of the biggest problems found in the auto repossession business is negativity. From the owner to the office staff to the repossession agent working the streets, there is a constant "doom and gloom" attitude. Just take a look around your office when you go to work tomorrow. Is your office staff looking depressed and complaining? Are your agents moaning and groaning about dead accounts and bad paper that they have in their folder?

    The auto repossession industry has a cloud of negativity surrounding it at all times, so why add to it by having a negative attitude? I heard the "bad news" every day when I owned my company. Agents would get new paper and prejudge the account before ever running it. They were sure that the car was not going to be there, the debtor had moved to Thailand or this particular lender always issues bad paper. Auto repossession agents seem to believe they have some sort of mystical powers that allow them to look at a phone number, address or just a debtor's name and be able to predict that the vehicle will not be there when they check the given address! How do the know that by looking at a new order for 30 second? I can tell you that it is a negative attitude. Having that type of mindset will be reflected in the agent's ability to be a successful repossessor. They will pick up less cars, have more confrontations with debtors and definitely make a lot less money!

    Optimistic Thinking Equals Big Profits For Repossessors

    How can a person have a positive attitude in a business of heartache and bad news? It is tough, but as individual we can be positive about ourselves and our professional job performance. We can look at each order with the attitude, "I am going to pick up this car on the first drive by". An agent can plan ahead in his mind how the recovery is going to take place. He can have a positive mind set that he is going to pick up the vehicle without damaging it or having a violent confrontation with the debtor. The agent can prepare himself what to say to debtor to calm him down if he comes out of the house during the recovery process. As agents, we can treat people with decency and not escalate the situation by using negative words or actions. The scenario is already a negative one, but we as professional auto repossession agents have the ability to control the situation by planning ahead. The agent needs to be sure that he is familiar with the information on the repossession order. If the debtor comes out and is upset, a professional repo agent can put him at ease. He can calmly explain to him that he has to repossess the collateral and then provide him with the lender's contact information, the collector's first name and extension number and the amount past due. Being positive, informed about your accounts and calm is the key to having a successful night of repossessing cars.
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