Click image for larger version  Name:	burned_out_repoman.jpg Views:	1 Size:	87.6 KB ID:	87888 Over the last couple of decades, I have seen auto repossession companies come and go.

Both friends and competitors have closed their doors before my eyes for a variety of reasons. Some closed their doors due to money management and poor business practices. Others closed their doors as a result of illness or old age. I have often heard divorce and personal problems cited as reasons for throwing in the towel. Out of everything I have heard, I would say one of the most frequent reasons for closing an auto repossession business was just being plain tired and giving up. Time and time again, I have had repo company owners tell me they were burned out and closing their doors. They were tired of battling with staff, clients, debtors, and other headaches that come with owning an auto repossession. If you, as the owner, are burned out, your business will also become burned out. Your office staff and repossession agents will catch vibes you put off, and business will suffer. Never let your employees see you down. For your sake and your business’ sake, you need to always be on top side. Having a positive attitude will be contagious and will lead to your business running better. Of course, this will lead to higher profits and business growth. I have been in the offices of both types of companies – the “burned out” one and the “on top side” one. The two are farther apart than the East coast is from the West coast, and it is the “on top side” business that is raking in the cash. Not only is the business making money, but the staff and owner are having a blast doing what they love! In the “burned out” office, you can slice and dice the thick tension, see the pain in everyone’s face and loosely predict the date and time they will go bankrupt. Most of us got into this business with a great love for the auto repossession industry and the life that goes with it. If you get burned out, you will lose the love for this industry and, just like a marriage, the relationship will come to a painful end.

Feeling burnout coming on? Spend some time with your family or get involved in a charity!

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