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I own several revolvers, pistols and rifles, and years ago I spent a lot of time at the practice range. I like guns – what red-blooded American repoman does not? I just do not like them when they are stuck in my face! I know a lot of you repossession agents are not big on door knocking, but once in awhile you have to hit the door and talk to a debtor. We had one account in a small farm town that was about two hours away from home base. We had run it a few times without any positive results. We knew there was a pole barn in back that possibly housed the Cadillac we were looking for. It is funny, they say all farmers are poor, but a lot of them own Caddies! We walked up to the old farmhouse and I had my fist ready to rap on the door when it suddenly flew open. I was staring down the barrel of a Cobra Python. The gun owner loudly announced, “She ain’t here!” and for a second I thought he was talking about the car I was there to repo. You can run when someone points a gun at you, but that often gets them into shooting mode. So I just calmly told him that I was there for the Cadillac. He was surprised, laughed, lowered the gun and told me he thought I was his girlfriend’s husband. He promptly got the keys, took us to the pole barn, cleaned out his car and let us drive it away.