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Well, we were back in business dent pulling ignitions, pulling steering wheels and repossessing a bunch of cars, trucks and motorcycles. I think life was a lot easier using keys to repossess cars back in the day before self loaders. We only used a wrecker to repo a car if we had to. If it was wrecked, did not run or had flat tires, we called for a rollback. When we called we did not use a cell phone either, but dropped a coin into a payphone. Am I dating myself? Using keys was a breeze. It was quick, quiet and easy. There was no clatter of a diesel wrecker to alert the debtor that his car was being repossessed, but just a couple of taps of a dent puller extracting the ignition lock tumbler and popping a new one in. Sure, once in a while you had to pull a steering wheel, but it was at least quiet. The other nice thing was that it was not expensive to drive around or take public transportation to look for cars that were up for repossession. Now you have programmable and chip keys to take the fun out of being a repoman! Has technology ruined the auto repossession business?
What other types of technology have destroyed the repo industry?

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