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We got prepaid to repossess fifteen units and went right back to work. Are you wondering why we decided to work for this shady repossession company owner? I am not surprised that you are, because we kept asking ourselves the same question. Of course it came down to money – nothing more, nothing less. Despite being a conman, his auto repossession business had the lion’s share of the repo work in our area, and we repossessed automobiles for all the big lenders and local banks. He knew how to talk to clients and keep them happy with excellent customer service. He was also an excellent skip tracer, and his company had a reputation for always getting the collateral repossessed. His downfall was that he did not manage money well and was not real good at paying his repo agents in a timely manner. As far as our decision to keep repossessing cars? He paid well and also paid close and investigation fees. We were also repossessing cars the old-fashioned way – without a wrecker – and he willingly paid us for any gas we put into the cars we repossessed, as long as we turned in receipts. We picked up fifteen units rather quickly, and he topped off his prepaid repossession agents for another round of fifteen repossessions. So far, so good!

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