How could we work this out? We did not want to be stiffed with rubber checks anymore, but we still saw the opportunity to make money repossessing cars for this guy.

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Greed can sometimes get the best of you, and it seemed this was the case with my partner and I. The old man stroked our egos and told us we were the best of the best of repossession agents, and that he would do anything to keep us on the payroll. He came up with a pretty sweet deal that really interested us. He agreed to pay us upfront for repossessing ten or fifteen pieces of collateral, and, once we reached that amount, he would “top” us off again with another payment. It was kind of like we were “prepaid” repo aqents that needed to get topped off with credits once we were over our repo limit! My partner and I had checked around and there were no other auto repossession businesses doing the amount of volume that the old man was doing. We had to make a choice – walk away or allow greed to keep us repossessing cars for a dodgy repossession company owner.