Click image for larger versionName:	repoman-fired-pinkslip.jpgViews:	1Size:	13.1 KBID:	87932 As I said, we were expecting to be fired or maybe shot or even arrested, but the old man seemed in good spirits and must have run into this before. I guess he had a long line of auto repossession agents working for him that had to demand their pay when he stiffed them. He acted as if we should go repossess some cars for him tonight. It was as if nothing was wrong at all. He did not even mention the fact that we had held several pieces of collateral hostage to get paid for all of the auto repossessions we had done for him. He commended us for our hard work and told us to be safe tonight when we were out repossessing cars for him. I was not sure what my repo partner was thinking, but I was wondering if we should keep working for this guy. How could we know if we were going to get paid? How could we trust him after this? Were there any other auto repossession companies out there hiring repossession agents? What should we do? I looked at my partnerů..

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