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The man I was working for began calling and demanding that we deliver some collateral we had repossessed to the local auction – a Harley Davidson motorcycle, two cars and a truck. He also wanted us to return a car to a school teacher that had paid up. When you are a repoman, sometimes you have to force a situation – lay all your cars on the table – and that is exactly what we did. We told him we were not returning the car, nor was anything going to auction until we got paid in cash. He swore, threatened to “swear out” and “I bond” on us and have us arrested, and even threatened to kill us. He offered to pay us by check and said he would overnight it to us. Well, we knew we were definitely not taking any checks from him and certainly not ones with the old cliché attached – “the check is in the mail. The old man met us within the hour, claiming he got 200 checks from various lenders in the mail just in time to pay us. He handed us a fat envelope filled with cash that counted out to exactly what he owed us for all the repossessions we had done. I looked in the envelope for the pink slip……..