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Interviewing to be a Repoman

After a few phone calls negotiating what I was to be compensated for each car I repossessed, I met up with my new repoman friendís boss. He ran his auto repossession business from his house and had several storage lots located around the state. I remember thinking to myself that his repo company must have been doing pretty well, judging by the size of his house, his pool, sports cars and extensive gun collection. I later found out that he owned several vacation and beach homes around the country. It was not until several months later that I found out how he was able to live so wealthy. We sat in his home office drinking coffee and talking about the auto repossession business. He was a thin man in his 70's, who claimed to have worked for the CIA, the Mossad and other organizations that neither you nor I have ever heard of. The guy weaved a pretty good yarn, but I did not care, as I anticipated making a lot of money working for him. I did not believe a word of it and chalked it up to him being a talkative old man. He gave me a crash course on "how to be a repoman". He then introduced me to his manager for further training.

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