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ID:	87960 I can remember the night that launched my life into the wild world of the auto repossession business like it was yesterday. My first encounter with a repoman was on a cold day in the middle of winter. I met him at a local auto auction. He was there to drop off his latest “steal”, and he struck up a long conversation with me. I was irritated and bothered by him and his talking. The only thing I knew about “the repoman” was what I had seen watching the cult classic of the same name, starring Emilio Estevez. I never would have considered working as a repoman, not in a million years. After the repoman dropped his repossessed vehicle into the storage lot, we went for a coffee and a chat. He ended up talking for a few hours, telling me some stories about the auto repossession business. I learned that I could make five times or more what I was making at my regular job in fewer hours. Right before he left, he handed me a business card and popped the question “Would you like to repo cars in the area for me?” From that moment on, my world was changed forever.

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