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As a newbie where can i post.

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    The Repo Lounge is an area that is for talk you would have at a pub, a backyard BBQ.

    The Auto Reposession Business forum is for serious, business related talk.

    The Classified Ads Help Wanted / Seeking Employment / For Sale forum is for buying, selling of items and job postings.

    The Skip Tracing forum has a post requirement of 10 before you can view it. This is the area where skip tracing is discussed.

    The Situation Room is for politics and to other politically incorrect talk.

    The Newbies Forum forum - well you figured that out.

    The Bleachers is for talk about sports.

    The Repoman Fraternity and Client Reviews are both for members of our company directory and their approved employees.

    News is for News.

    The Client Scorecards forum is an area for "report card" style ratings of clients. Kind of like how they rate their contractors!

    Legal Updates is for legal questions and updates.

    Admin's Post It Notes is for questions like this one and board related issues.

    The Impound Lot is for posters that misbehave and their moronic posts.

    The Super Duper Secret forum is the repoman equivalent of the the Illuminati. This where a select few of us plot to take over the repossession industry world, who gets all the A paper, meet with the Obama on regulation laws and issues and consult with the CIA and FBI for finding those hard to locate skip accounts.

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  • flrepoguy
    started a topic As a newbie where can i post.

    As a newbie where can i post.

    I am wondering where i can post in the forum being a newbie. Have questions, but wont let me into certian forums.