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Skip Tracing... I'm locked out now! >.<

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  • Skip Tracing... I'm locked out now! >.<

    I used to contribute to the skip tracing thread, but now I am not even allowed to see it. Why did you move away from a contribution based model to a freemium model for the site? This bothers me. I feel like my time and effort in this area was wasted. I would love to contribute to these aspects of the industry, but the current paradigm prohibits it. Skiptracing is my forte, due to my background in computer sciences. I wanted to post some samples of data-mining scripts that I use in the hopes that other companies might be able to pass them on to their "techies" and make use of them. Unfortunately, when I went to that part of the forum, I am denied the ability to do so. As great as the major data companies are, like Accurint and TLO, nothing beats locally farmed info. Why, oh why have you taken away my ability to contribute in this area??? lol

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    Many of our members came to us and asked us no to have it in the open area.

    We made it for members that list their repo companies in our directory. They can also contact me to have their employees added.

    It is about 17 cents a day to be a paid member and you get the following benefits -

    • You get access to the hidden repo fraternity forum.Lots of good stuff in there.
    • You can be seen by thousands of lenders a month that visit our site. We get between 800,000 and 1 million hits a month with around 45,000 unique visitors. We get contacted by lenders daily looking for clients and they also post "looking for agents" notices in our classifieds.
    • You can also utilize our searchable data base of over 28,000 clients. You can make and save notes on who you talked to and go back and search those notes to see who you talked to and when a follow call should be made. The list is searchable by nationwide lenders, credit unions, banks and some other categories as well as by state, area code, zip code and by name.
    • You get access to our customs forms creator where you can put your company info and logo on condition reports.
    • You get access to our update builder which saves time and money when you do your daily updates. The feedback we get it is (depending on agency size), that it saves our members countless hours as you do not have to pick out condition reports.
    • Most importantly, you help me be able to afford my coffee addiction!

    But really we have hosting bills, staff expenses, website maintenance, new feature development costs etc that cost thousands of dollars a year to keep the site up and running.

    I spoke with one member yesterday that said he has spent countless hours reading the free areas of the site and would not be in business and making money if it was not for the info he got here.

    I speak to members all the time that have gotten small, medium and HUGE clients from being seen on our directory. Members have told me they have had to buy more trucks and rent bigger offices and storage lots resulting form an increase in work flow from sales calls to clients found in our directory. 1 has gotten an average of 70 more cars picked up a month from one client. Remember results vary and depend on how hard you work the list, what your agency reputation is, what kind of insurance coverage you have, how long you have been in business, how you present yourself on a sales call etc.....and really most importantly, if the client has a need for a repo company in your coverage area.
    List your auto repossession business in our directory

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