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    Instead of every one complaining all the time lets try something new that has a direct impact on our business. Trucks we all buy them does anyone have any info. diesel verses gas motor not opinion but real # on fuel mileage,repair costs basically a side by side comparison on what is more cost effective in the 250,000 mile long run ?

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    I don't think what you're asking can be answered. There are way to many variables to have a side by side comparison nor would I trust the numbers that anyone could provide. What type size and size? 350/3500 450/4500? Wrecker? Sneaker? Rollback? do you have the same type accounts as the comparison? What if they do 80% private passenger and 20% commercial/overweight?


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      I have a chevy with the 8.1 and Allison combo. Best truck ever.

      Quiet and pulls hard.

      Motor is still strong. 264,000 miles. As far as cost go. I understand diesels get better fuel mileage. Weighing all the variables into the equation. The Quietness (safety) (I ride alone) and being able to get parts on the fly. Makes me a gas engine fan. Plus, any mechanic can have me up and running, usually in a day. So, I don't have to be down. As with a diesel....there expensive to fix and something kinda serious will land your truck in the shop for a week.

      So that's my take.
      I walk through the Valley of Darkness and Fear no evil on a daily basis.


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        What I was looking for is a comparison on a 4500 dodge self loader or a ford f-450 self loader. We have both in diesels our mileage is a steady 11 to 13.5 miles per gallon.2 trucks are pushing 300,000 miles and I know I will be needing to replace them soon. But no matter every time the trucks go into the shop it always seems to cost me 2 or 3 thousand and were out of a truck for 4 or 5 days.If I could get a chevy in a 4500 with a duramax and Allison I would give that a try as well.


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          Barry, there is a lot of equipment talk in the Equipment forum up top. Have you checked that out? And yes, everyone should quit their bitchin or quit repossessing!


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            I never thought to look there thank you I guess there is no correct answer.Maintence verses up front cost & fuel they are so close it is not worth splitting hairs on which is preferred because of cost it is more a personal preference at this point. Thank you