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  • New Repo agent in Oklahoma

    What is some advice you'd give someone new to the industry as a repossession agent? Do's and don't.

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    never sell yourself short, don't go into a contract with a client for $275 a car just to get some clients to start. when your company grows and it becomes more then just you and a truck you won't be able to pay your bills. banks will eventually give you your shot if you hold strong. on the other side, they will very rarely raise your wages just because your expenses go up.

    pick up some private party impound contracts and do some roadside work with your truck while you build your client base.


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      hello from Tulsa/NE OK. what area do you work?


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        I'm in ponca any help over here would be great


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          I've been doing repossession for five years in Oklahoma you're lucky to be in a state with such relax laws when it comes repossession since you are in Oklahoma the best advice I can give you stay away from anything Indian Land this includes reservations and casinos you can be arrested for violating the Sovereign land act what company are you working for has a lot to do with what rules you have to follow every company is different another big thing don't go into somebody else's area and try to pick up a repossession there at the quickest way too piss off a repossession adjuster give them a call tell them about the vehicle and see if they can pick it up that way when the same thing happens and they have a car in your area you'll get it and they will more than happy to help you when you need it the last thing I have to tell you is no car is worth your life stay safe and remember a different time a different place