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  • Newbie here from Indiana

    How ya'll doing? I am from Indiana and have been doing Repo work for two years. Hopefully my bosses will join here or have already. We are a great group of people and we all work as hard as we can. The company is growing everyday. We are getting more business everyday. The bosses do an excellent job in this industry and I believe they will expand to more states later in the year. I am very interested in staying in this field of work for as long as I can. Everyday we all come home is a blessing. There has been some bad things happening to our agents and by the grace of God and the great work of the agents we manage to diffuse most bad situations. We all are seeing guns whether they are pulled on us or debtors getting them out of their cars. This is a dangerous job, we all are aware of what could happen. I will say that I feel very confident that my coworkers and bosses use thier brains in every situation and do not use violence to get our assets, but if we are in danger I know they got my six. I am very happy to be in this industry and look forward to hearing from everyone here.