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Officer Accused Of Using Power To Repossess Cars

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  • Officer Accused Of Using Power To Repossess Cars

    Officer Accused Of Using Power To Repossess Cars

    A Sanford police officer was arrested and accused of abusing his power to put money in his own pocket.

    Christopher McClendon was arrested Monday morning by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

    They said he faced the repossession of his own car, so he brokered a deal with the auto dealer.

    The deal was that if he could keep his car and have the $8,000 loan erased, he'd help the dealer repossess other cars.

    The FDLE said at times McClendon would wear his uniform and other times he'd threaten the person with arrest if they didn't turn over their car.

    McClendon has been suspended without pay from the Sanford police department.

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    With this as a follow up

    The guy is facing 15 years. Holy Crap!!!

    Sanford Officer Charged With Unlawful Compensation

    SANFORD -- A police officer is now sitting in the Seminole County Jail.

    Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents arrested Officer Chris McClendon and charged him with one count of unlawful compensation for official behavior.

    The FDLE was called in March to investigate allegations that McClendon was using his role as a police officer to help a Sanford auto sales company with repossessions.

    As payment, McClendon's auto loan with the same car company was forgiven.

    If convicted, McClendon could be sentenced to 15 years in prison.