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Repo Woman tells Fort Worth police of attack with baseball bat

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  • Repo Woman tells Fort Worth police of attack with baseball bat

    A woman told police someone tackled and struck her with a baseball bat while she tried to repossess a vehicle Thursday afternoon in Fort Worth.
    The woman, 29, said she was attempting to repossess a Jeep Cherokee in the 6600 block of Meadowbrook Drive when the attack occurred, a police report states. As she was working, she saw a large male running at her.
    Before she could explain that she was repossessing the Jeep, the man tackled her, knocking her through an open door and into the vehicle, the report says. As they wrestled, the man reached between the seats and grabbed a baseball bat, she said.
    She said the man hit her with the bat, knocking her to the ground, the report says. The woman had a bruise on her arm.
    The man got into the Jeep and drove away, skidding the tires, she said.
    Police officers identified the registered owner of the vehicle, the report said. The officer showed the women a "jail photograph" of the owner and she identified him as the person who attacked her.

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    Hitting a woman. What a punk. She picked his photo so they should be able to arrest him.