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Violence against kids and then the repoman

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  • Violence against kids and then the repoman

    FLORENCE, S.C. -- A Florence County man was arrested Thursday on charges he assaulted his wife and stepchildren earlier this week.

    Tyrone Sanders, 37, of 3444 Southbrook Circle, Florence, is charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and two counts of unlawful conduct toward a child, Florence Police Maj. Carlos Raines said.

    The arrest was the result of a violent domestic dispute that happened Sunday night at the family’s residence. Raines said the couple had been having problems, and Sanders’ wife had asked him not to return to their home.

    On Sunday, he ignored her wishes and returned anyway. An altercation ensued, Raines said, and Sanders began to physically assault his wife in the garage of the home.

    “Her young son got very upset and grabbed a baseball bat and began swinging it at Sanders, telling him to stay away from his mom,” Raines said. “The suspect grabbed the bat out of the boy’s hands and began swinging it at him.”

    Raines said the suspect then assaulted his wife and the child with the baseball bat and his fists. The victim’s other young child tried to help his mother and brother, and Raines said Sanders also assaulted him.

    The children were able to break away at some point and run to a neighbor’s house to ask for help. The neighbor called 911, and when officers arrived, they found the children injured and bleeding. Sanders had left the area by that point, Raines said.

    One of the children, a 7-year-old boy who has heart problems, told police Sanders hit him in the chest. The other was bleeding from the head and told police Sanders had struck him with the bat. Both children and Sanders’ wife were treated for their injuries at a local hospital, Raines said.

    Warrants were issued for Sanders’ arrest but police were not able to locate him until Thursday when they received a report the suspect had been involved in another violent altercation – this time with a car repossession man who was attempting to repossess Sanders’ car.

    “We got a call about that assault and we got information that the suspect may be heading to Lake City,” Raines said. “So we alerted the (S.C.) Highway Patrol and the Lake City Police Department to be on the look out for him. Sure enough, they spotted him and stopped him, and he was placed under arrest.”

    Sanders was booked Thursday at the Florence County Detention Center in Effingham. He remains in custody awaiting a bond hearing.

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    Sad what the world is coming to......


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      what a piece of crap, i wish that repo man would have stomped a mudhole in him and walked it dry


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        Originally posted by AfterHours View Post
        what a piece of crap, i wish that repo man would have stomped a mudhole in him and walked it dry
        Not the best option.