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  • Ron Hertz - Professional Key Codes

    Many of you out there in the repo industry are aware of who Ron Hertz is.

    Ron was one of the original vendors servicing directly to repo companies only. He originally sold locksmith supplies and eventually phased out of that and focused on key codes.

    At conventions he would entertain with his flat humor. In his written articles in Pro Repo Mag and seminars he helped educate many.

    His devotion to children’s charities is also well known.

    He has been a friend to many.

    I am reaching out to you today in the hopes that the industry would send him a message of thanks for his service to us over the years. I am certain your efforts will be greatly appreciated by Ron and his wife Kathy.

    Letters of thanks may be faxed to: 352-394-0107

    After a long battle with cancer he is in hospice care at:

    Mike Conley Hospice House

    Mailing address: 2100 Oakley Seaver Drive, Clermont, FL 34711

    Note: There is no request fr financial aid... only gestures of friendship.

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    may we can also post our comments of thanks on here and brad can get them to him as a big thank you as a industry whole ron is a great guy and his knowledge bailed me out more than a few times.


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      For many years I talked to Ron on and off on the phone. I always called him "Big Ron" when talking to him and I never saw him in person until a few years ago. When I finally met him face to face (kind of I suppose) I realized that I am 6'4" and he is about 5'7" - at best - and the nickname "Big Ron" did not fit him!

      I remember when I got my first Ford NGS machine from him and I was trying like mad to get my first Ford PATS key programmed. He stayed on the phone with me for s few hours until about 1am patiently talking me through the process. I know he probably wanted to reach through the phone and choke me, but he never let on that he was thinking that.

      When I first got in the business, there were no such thing as programmable keys and me learning how to program was so difficult, I could have probably launched myself to the moon in a homemade spaceship easier! If it was not for Ron, I would have been up a creek without a paddle when it came to those new fangled keys.

      Thanks Ron for all that you did for me personally and all that you did for the auto repossession industry.

      Ron Hertz - maybe 20 years or so ago?

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        A lot of the "greats" of the auto repossession industry have passed and others are in their golden years. We lost John Kilpatrick to an auto accident and now Ron in hospice. Both were regular writers with the Professional Repossessor Magazine.
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          i first started dealing with ron when i got my first true office job at irs in collingdale pa and became the guy who made keys ron walked me through every mistake i was making sometimes two or 3 times when i would call him for codes or problems with the machine etc never once did he let on how nuts i must have been making him lol he was a true professional and he helped me many many times after that espically when i had my own company so ron thank you for being you and being a true professional god bless my friend

          Frank S


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            Ron Hertz has passed away today

            Ron Hertz passed away quietly today at the Hospice house here in Clermont Florida. Ron fought until the very end. Ron was always a friend to the repossession industry and to many of us personally. Ron submitted the locksmith article for eight years on time every month when I published Professional Repossessor Magazine. He taught and guided us about keys and codes. Ron also spoke at many industry seminars, never at a loss for words. Ron was a tank commander in the Vietnam war and for many years could be seen riding around town in his 1946 authentic US Army military jeep. Ron will be missed.

            RIP Ron Hertz.


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              RIP. Ron

              You will be missed .......You won't be forgotten
              There's not to many people I look up in this industry ,,,and then on the other hand
              there was the legendary Ron Hertz ,,,,A true Icon.....for those of you that never dealt with him ..he was our little secret ......As a vendor he was understanding of our industry needs...
              You where able to call him at midnight and get a key code try that these days... He would even tell you the depths and cuts ....

              GOOD BYE MY FRIEND ......
              JAIME HERNANDEZ


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                Ron was a great guy, and will be missed. I had an opportunity to speak with him at the tow show in Orlando this year and he never failed to say thank you and tell every one he thanked them also. He said there were some great people he has meet in the recovery industry over the years. He did like that Jeep, when I visited him at his house last year he went over everything on it and pointed out what had been done. He sold it a little while back.
                If he spends as much time talking at the gates of heaven as he did when you run into him theirs going to be a huge backup of people waiting to go in.