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Repo Man Shot Dead During Repossession

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  • Repo Man Shot Dead During Repossession

    JJ_montroMarshall, VA – June 10, 2014 – A 23-year-old tow truck driver from Maryland was shot and killed attempting to repossess a 10 year old pick-up truck last Thursday.

    Police released the name of the victim Monday morning. Junior Jordan Montero of Hyattsville, Maryland died of a gunshot wound just after midnight Thursday on Conde Road in northern Fauquier County, Virginia. 53 year old Carroll Edward Gregg Jr., faces a second-degree murder charge.
    Gregg called the shooting “an accident” when sheriff’s Sgt. Darrell Shores reached the scene, according to arrest documents.

    A neighbor called 9-1-1 at 12:10 a.m. reporting “that she heard gunshots and saw a tow truck drive into the ditch,” Detective Brandon M. Lillard wrote in his report. Arriving officer Sgt. Shores found “a black tow truck and a dark colored truck down an embankment.” The deputy soon encountered Mr. Gregg and asked what happened. According to a document which provides this account, Mr. Gregg responded, “Just an accident,”

    The responding officer asked Mr. Gregg if he drove the tow truck.

    montro_shtng_scneNo, he replied, pointing to the other vehicle, his 2004 GMC Sierra pickup truck.

    The deputy asked about the tow truck driver. “Mr. Gregg pointed to the tow truck and said, ‘He’s in there dead’,” Detective Lillard wrote.

    “I shot him,” the defendant allegedly said. “I shot, fell and shot again. It was an accident.” ce_gregg_mntro

    Mr. Gregg also told Sgt. Shores that repossessions shouldn’t be allowed “in the middle of the night.”

    Mr. Montero worked for a Chantilly towing company called to repossess the vehicle, according to sheriff’s report.

    Appearing briefly by video in Fauquier County General District Court on Friday, Mr. Gregg applied for a court-appointed attorney. Listing his occupation as “laborer,” the defendant said he could not afford to hire legal representation.

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    A 23-year-old Maryland man who had taken a job repossessing cars so he could buy a wedding ring for his new wife died over the weekend after a Virginia man shot him twice.
    Fauquier Now reported that Junior Jordan Montero died while he was attempting to repossess a 10-year-old pickup truck in Fauquier County early Friday morning.
    When Sgt. Darrell Shores arrived on the scene, 53-year-old truck owner Carroll Edward Gregg Jr. told the deputy that the shooting had been “just an accident.”
    “He’s in there dead,” Gregg said, pointing to the ditch.
    “I shot him,” he allegedly explained. “I shot, fell and shot again. It was an accident.”
    Divers attempted to rescue Montero from the water-filled ditch where his tow truck end up, but it was too late.
    Gregg told officers that it should be against the law for vehicles to be repossessed “in the middle of the night.”
    According to WRC, Montero had taken the job as a repo man to provide a better life for his wife, Mayensy Molina, and her son. He wanted to buy her a wedding ring, and to move out of his in-laws’ home into a home of their own.
    Montero had only been a repo man for two weeks. His family planned to bury his body in the Dominican Republic, where he was born.
    Gregg was facing charges of second-degree murder. He requested a court-appointed attorney at a hearing on Friday, saying that he could not afford to pay for one himself.


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        Repo Man Shot To Death Trying To Repossess Truck In Virginia

        A repo man shot to death in Fauquier County, Virginia, last week had just recently taken the job to save money for a wedding ring for his wife. The suspect told the police just after the shooting,”It was an accident” even though he came out of his residence shooting.
        When 23-year-old Junior Jordan Montero married Mayensy Molina last August, . he treated her young son like his own and wanted to move out of his in-laws’ home into a home of their own.
        “He was a very loving husband,” Molina said. “He loved me so much.”

        Junior Jordan Montero and his wife

        Montero, of Hyattsville, Maryland, worked construction and as a security guard. Two weeks ago, he took a job repossessing cars, NBC Washington reports.
        it was just after midnight on Friday that Montero was trying to repossess a 10-year-old pickup truck in Fauquier County when the owner of the vehicle came out shooting, authorities said.
        The tow truck and pickup truck ended up in a water-filled ditch. When divers tried to rescue Montero, there was nothing they could do to save him.

        A sheriff’s sergeant reached the scene and discovered the suspected shooter, 53-year-old Carroll Gregg, pointing to the ditch and saying, “He’s in there dead,” according to arrest documents.
        “I shot him,” Gregg allegedly said. “I shot, fell and shot again. It was an accident.”
        Gregg is charged with second-degree murder, according to NBC.


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          Susepected Shooter Carroll Gregg Jr.


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            Slain “repo” man started side job just 2 weeks ago


            The Maryland man shot to death in Fauquier last week had just started moonlighting with a company that repossesses vehicles for creditors.

            Junior Jordan Montero, 23, died early Friday morning in the cab of a tow truck along Conde Road, southwest of Marshall.

            Sheriff’s investigators charged Carroll E. “Tootie” Gregg Jr. with second-degree murder after he allegedly fired a rifle at least twice early Friday morning. Mr. Montero had attempted to drive away with Mr. Gregg’s 2004 GMC pickup truck, according to Fauquier sheriff’s investigators.

            NBC-TV 4 on Wednesday night broadcast a report about the slain Hyattsville man and his family.

            A construction worker and security guard, Mr. Montero last August married Mayensy Molina. Two weeks before the fatal shooting, he took the repo job “to save money for a wedding ring for his wife,” Channel 4 reported.

            Mr. Montero’s burial will take place in his native Dominican Republic for burial.


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              Jordan Montero married Mayensy Molina last
              August and treated her young son like his
              own, she told Channel 4.


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                Rural Locations

                You should have a lot of experience before you attempt to repossess vehicles, especially in rural locations.

                I was a Deputy sheriff and I know how dangerous that job is. Being a Repossession agent is more dangerous than being a cop.

                This whole episode is just tragic.


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                  I don't think expereince had anything to do with this tragedy. This guy open the door and open fires with a rifle. My 15 years exp would not stop a bullet. That's a unfair statement. Also who knows if this was his first job or he was seasoned and making some extra cash. I hope that they hang this assclown. By saying the statements he made to Leo I can't believe they didn't hit him with first degree. Either way hopefully it's a open and shut case and the family can work on closure.


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                    Fauquier suspect indicted in repo man's shooting death


                    A special investigative grand jury recently indicted a Fauquier County man of first-degree murder for the alleged fatal shooting last month of a tow truck driver attempting to repossess his vehicle.
                    Carroll Edward Gregg, Jr., 53, was also indicted June 25 of using a firearm in the commission of a felony and shooting at an occupied motor vehicle with death resulting, according to a news release from the Fauquier County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.
                    Tow truck driver Junior Jordan Montero Sanchez, 23, of Hyattsville, Maryland was killed during a repossession attempt of the suspect's vehicle - a 2004 GMC Sierra pickup truck - on June 6 near Marshall.
                    Gregg was previously charged with second-degree murder. The suspect has filed a motion for release on bail, scheduled for consideration at a hearing Monday in Fauquier County Circuit Court.
                    "The commonwealth will strenuously oppose any motion for release on bail," said Fauquier County Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Fisher.
                    Virginia law carries a presumption against bail in a violent crime such as murder, but the accused may proceed with a motion in an attempt to rebut that presumption, according to the news release.


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                      Praying for peace and comfort for this young man's family and friends. What a tragic loss, may his family get the justice deserved. The defendant will most likely get life without parole. He will wake up every day from now on knowing the pain he has caused to both families. Maybe just maybe something good will come from this. May God put his hand of comfort and mercy over this.


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                        I pray for this man and his family, as I do for all those injured or killed that are repossessors.
                        Two statements made above are both correct, education can help in any situation, however once a bullet is fired with good aim or just luck it's to late for education.
                        My grief for these men and women who are injured or even killed turns to anger, not so much for the perpetrator as the courts will hopefully see justice is done, but anger at the lender/forwarder who sent the account. Did they pay a fair price, did they pay a close fee, and do they treat this person with respect and genuine appreciation for the job he does. We all face the same out come as Jordan every time we go to the field, I pray for all that their day will a safe one and the lenders will realize what we do.


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                          I have an entire territory, mostly back country, to myself, and I have only been at this about a week, a previous poster was right, no experience could ever stop a bullet
                          -J Hughes
                          Recovery Specialist
                          Carolina Lenders Service, LLC
                          US Air Force Veteran 2004-2012


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                            Motions filed for alleged July repo murder in Marshall

                            Motions filed for alleged July repo murder in Marshall


                            Carroll Gregg Jr., who is accused of murdering a man repossessing his 2004 GMC truck on July 6, filed two motions Jan. 20, a month before his four-day trial is set to begin.

                            At 1 a.m. on June 6, Junior Jordan Montero, 23, and another man, Alex Martin, arrived at Gregg's apartment at 10038 Conde Road, Marshall to repossess his truck, which he had purchased with a loan from CashPoint on August 30, 2013, according to court documents.

                            The two men arrived in separate cars: Montero in the tow truck and Martin in a truck the two had repossessed earlier that evening.

                            While trying to break into the truck, Martin set off the car alarm, waking Gregg, who proceeded to tell the two men to "get the f--k out of here."

                            According to the court records, Martin and Montero did not identify themselves and did not tell Gregg why they were taking his truck.

                            The two ignored Gregg, hooked the truck up to the tow truck and proceeded to drive away.

                            During the bond hearing on July 7, the Commonwealth's Attorney James Fisher said it was while the men were leaving the property that Montero was killed with a "high-powered rifle."

                            Gregg does not deny that he fired a gun during the incident, but claims that he fired it on accident, according to court records.

                            According to a search warrant filed in Fauquier County Circuit Court, deputies went to the 10000 block of Conde Road on June 6 after a neighbor heard gun shots and saw a tow truck drive into a ditch. Authorities found Montero dead in the cab of the truck.

                            When questioned, Gregg allegedly said "I shot him. . . I shot, fell and then shot again, it was an accident."

                            According to court records, Gregg didn't pay the loan company in April, partially paid in May and then again partially paid in June. On May 5, the repossession order was filed and L and K Recovery, where Montero and Martin worked, was hired.

                            Court records reveal that Gregg's truck had been repossessed twice before in 2011 and 2012.

                            Breach of Peace

                            One of the motions Gregg filed asked that he be allowed to present new evidence during the trial to prove that the repossession was in fact a breach of peace and that the two men should not have continued to take the truck.

                            The motion cites Wallace vs. Chrysler Credit Corp. in that if a "debtor is present and makes objection, a breach of peace analysis comes to the fore and the creditors must desist."

                            The defense argues that breaking into the truck qualifies as breach of peace.

                            "The CashPoint agents should have immediately desisted any further attempt at repossessing [the truck] and left the property, which would have required CashPoint to have resorted to the appropriate legal process to enforce their rights with repossessing the truck," according to the motion.

                            The motion hearing was set for Feb. 3 at 9 a.m.

                            Gun powder residue

                            Gregg's second motion had a more immediate effect after an emergency hearing was called to address it.

                            Following the July 6 incident, Gregg's hands and cheeks were tested for gun powder residue, however, the Department for Forensic Science does not test the samples from the face once it's determined that there was residue on the hands, according to the court documents.

                            Gregg did not argue that he fired his gun, however, he remains firm that he accidentally fired it.

                            "The defendant contends that he fells in a hole on his property while running with a rifle and that the rifle accidentally discharged as he was falling forward," according to court documents.

                            Gregg wants the samples taken from his cheeks to be tested because there would be no traces of gun powder residue on his cheeks, proving he fell while the gun was fired.

                            The Commonwealth's Attorney's office agreed that the information may be relevant, according to court documents.

                            The motion was approved Jan. 20.


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                              Trial to Begin for Man Accused of Killing Repo Man

                              Trial to Begin for Man Accused of Killing Repo Man


                              The man accused of killing a repo man in Fauquier County last summer will go on trial Monday.

                              Carroll Gregg is facing a second-degree murder charge in the shooting death of 23-year-old Junior Jordan Montero.

                              Last June, Montero was trying to repossess Gregg 's 10-year-old pickup truck when Gregg came out of his home shooting, authorities said. The tow truck and pickup truck ended up in a water-filled ditch. Divers tried to rescue Montero, but there was nothing they could do to save him.

                              When a sheriff's sergeant reached the scene, Gregg pointed to the ditch and said, "He's in there dead," according to arrest documents.

                              "I shot him," Gregg allegedly said. "I shot, fell and shot again. It was an accident."

                              Montero had recently taken the job to save money for a wedding ring for his wife.

                              Jury selection for Gregg's trial will begin Monday morning. The trial is expected to start at noon.