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Woman arrested in Flint after firing shots at repo man

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  • Woman arrested in Flint after firing shots at repo man

    FLINT, MI -- A woman didn't want to give up her vehicle so she allegedly fired her gun at the repo man, landing herself in the lockup, according to a Flint police report.

    Flint police were called to West Alma Avenue on Tuesday, Sept. 23, around 7:25 a.m. in reference to a felonious assault. The officer spoke to the victim, a repossession agent who was attempting to repossess a vehicle when the woman came outside and allegedly fired five to six shots at him.

    The man told police he then left the home and called 911.

    Flint police found the suspect and arrested her. A search warrant was requested and served for the home, according to the report.

    There were no injuries reported.

    The woman was taken to the Flint Police Department where she was lodged in the Flint City Lockup. She was arrested for assault with intent to murder.

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    Repo man reacts to shooting in Flint


    A Flint woman is behind bars, after allegedly firing shots at a repo man trying to repossess her vehicle.

    Many wonder if she was mistaken and thought the repo man was a burglar. Eugene Canales owns a towing company based in Saginaw. Most of his calls are for wrecked or stalled cars that need a tow, but Canales also does a good amount of repossessions.

    He said it's quick money, but it can at times be quite dangerous.

    "It's scary sometimes," he said.

    Canales said learning about the repo man that was shot down in Flint reminds him of how dangerous his job can be.

    Wednesday night a Flint woman was arrested for firing six shots at a man who was paid to repossess her car. Since that shooting many are wondering if that woman thought it was a burglar trying to steal her car.

    Legal experts said it may not matter depending on where the repo man was on her property.

    Kent Greenfelder is a local attorney and is currently running for probate judge. He said the law states a person may use lethal force to protect themselves, but not their vehicle.

    "Typically you are justified when you are in your home," Greenfelder said.

    If someone is coming to repossess your car, Greenfelder said there is no legal justification for using lethal force even if they are standing on your front lawn.

    "Anytime you take a vehicle it's dangerous," Canales said.

    He said sometimes it's not worth the reward.

    "You never know these days," he said.

    The repo man caught in the crossfire in Flint was not injured.