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Woman throws herself in front of truck, police say

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  • Woman throws herself in front of truck, police say

    WILMINGTON | A woman threw herself in front of a slow-moving repo truck after a domestic dispute near the intersection of South Front and Market streets Friday afternoon, according to the Wilmington Police Department.

    Lt. Kathy Cochran of the WPD said a domestic dispute between a man and a woman was taking place when a repo person arrived to repossess a scooter owned by the man involved. The man then began a dispute with the repo person, who decided to leave and pursue the matter civilly.

    The man stepped in front of the truck when the repo man attempted to leave, at which point the repo man turned to go around him and the woman threw herself in front of the truck, which was traveling between 3 mph and 5 mph, Cochran said.

    The woman did not appear to have life-threatening injuries, Cochran said. She did not know if the woman was taken to a hospital.

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    dumbass people really


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      Have had it happen to me multiple times. "Favorite" time is when a husband told his wife to jump in front of the truck towing his broken down Grand Cherokee. She sprinted to the front of the truck and dove in front of the front tires like she was stealing home base. Guess you call that true love?