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Woman attacks man trying to repossess her car

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  • Woman attacks man trying to repossess her car


    An effort to repossess a car turned into a hostile situation for the repo man.

    Memphis police officers said 39-year-old Michelle Stewart fired shots at Brien Vandergriff as he tried to repossess her 1998 Mercedes Benz.

    "I just pulled up to her house like any other house where their car is up for repossession," recalled repossession agent Brien Vandergriff. "I mean, and I back up to it, I drug it out of the street. She come out, popped a round off at me and pretty much held me at gunpoint."

    Vandergriff said he dropped the vehicle from his truck within seconds and called the police.

    "Try asking someone holding a gun up to your head, a stranger you don't even know holding a gun up to your head and start counting down from nine, to drop their car," Vandergriff added.

    Police arrested Stewart on Thursday and charged her with aggravated assault. She is in jail on a $25,000 bond.

    Vandergriff said he was not hurt during the incident.

    "If she has the car and she hadn't paid it, then she knows there are repercussions," said neighbor Debborah Horton.

    Vandergriff just said he hopes others will learn not to attack the repo man.

    "I hope she learned her lesson," he said. "I couldn't let it go because if you let something like that go, then that person is like, 'I shot at the (expletive) repo man and he dropped my car and left.'"