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Repo man shot at while repossessing car

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  • Repo man shot at while repossessing car

    JACKSON, Miss. —Repo man Mitchell Harrison was working on collecting a red Mustang on Deer Park Street in Jackson Friday morning when he said the situation took a turn for the worse.
    “The people acted fine about it, then 2 seconds later (a man) pulled a gun on me and started shooting,” Harrison said.
    The shooter shot once at his feet, and Harrison said he ran to take cover in the cab of his truck.
    Harrison said Jackson police showed up quickly after he called them.
    He said he was able to collect the vehicle while the shooter barricaded himself in a house.
    Harrison said this is not the first time someone has shot at him, and he gets nervous on every call.
    “You've got to be, especially when I have a wife and child at home and a family,” he said.
    Harrison said he is just doing what he is told to do.
    “Times are hard, and I know people can’t make their note, but it’s not our fault," he said.
    There was no information on whether the accused shooter was arrested.