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KC man accused of threatening auto loan employees

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  • KC man accused of threatening auto loan employees

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County Prosecutors charged a 30-year-old Kansas City man with harassment and making terroristic threats after police say he threatened employees and their families at Auto Bank KC, 6901 E. Front Street, when the business informed him they would have to repossess his vehicle if he didn’t catch up on payments.
    The employee of Auto Bank KC who manages his vehicle loan says Robert Hill told her and another co-worker that he was going to burn down their houses, kill their families and kill them.
    In another conversation on June 2nd, he is accused of telling her he had been watching her children for the last 24 hours. She says he claimed he had explosives and weapons and was going to kill everyone in the building.
    Police also contend one of Hills’ Facebook posts said:
    “I’m coming to kill the families of every employee of AUTO BANK KC. I am unhinged. Have guns and ready to kill you (sic) loved ones, your children, everyone you know. I have you (sic) home addresses the schools your kids go to. Your churches! I will destroy your lives like you’ve done mine!!! Catch me if you can!”
    Another post said:
    “Made 12 bombs and planted 4! The families of AUTO BANK KC are going to have an explosive weekend!!!”
    Hill was arrested on Saturday, June 3. Police say after reading him his Miranda Rights, he admitted his anger and threatening them over his car.