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Jones County man arrested for shooting at repo man, suspect speaks out

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  • Jones County man arrested for shooting at repo man, suspect speaks out

    JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Jones County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man for shooting at a repo man attempting to repossess his truck. However, he says it was all a misunderstanding.
    Roy Craven, 67, is charged with aggravated assault for shooting at the repo man coming to repossess his truck a little after midnight Tuesday night.
    According to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department, the victim left uninjured and called the called the sheriff's department down the road.
    However, Craven said there’s more to the story.
    “It looked to me like he was grabbing towards the storm door to try to jerk it open,” said Craven.
    Craven said that night he and his wife were asleep when the victim came to the door asking for the key to the vehicle.
    Craven’s wife, Patricia Craven, went to answer the door.
    “I opened it up and I saw him,” Patricia said. “He was just steady [jerking] at the door.”
    She said he didn’t have any identification, nor did he present himself as a repossession man. She claimed she then asked him for more time to make payments on the vehicle.
    “He kept saying no,” Patricia said. “[He] just steady kept snatching on the door.”
    That’s when Roy fired at the victim with his 9 mm hand gun. The Cravens never called the police.
    He said if he had known who the man was prior to the altercation, he wouldn’t have fired his weapon.
    “If I had known he was a repo man, I would’ve went out there and helped him hook it up,” Roy said.
    He said this isn’t the first time he’s had his items repossessed and that his medical expenses are what put him behind on payments.
    Family members said they think he was wrongly accused and believe he was just trying to defend himself.
    “There’s supposed to be a law that protects somebody from somebody coming through their front door,” Craven’s daughter-in-law Sheila Craven said. “That you can shoot to defend your home and your family, but what happens when you do that, you’re the one that goes to jail instead of the one trying to come through your door to get a key?”
    Roy Craven said he’s never been in trouble with law enforcement in his adult life.

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