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    well it happened a few weeks ago. my partner and I went to get a car and as we pulled up, everyone was in the yard. we got out and asked about the car and right away it was not there. I looked around and there it was in the barb, just beyond the half opened door. we talked for a while and they wanted to call the lawyer and police and we said go right ahead. as they went into the house, my partner worked his way to the car, and vin_ed it. the keys were in the car, he motioned for me to head for the truck and I did. he opened the door the rest of the way and was gone like a shot. I started to pull away and bang, he was a man with a kid in his arms in front of me leaning on the truck and behind me was his wife with two kids. I looked around and there was someone on the porch with a shot gun aimed right at me. Here i was, and my partner was gone. He did call and asked where i was. I told him and told him to stay where he was. The police arrived and i was in time allowed to leave. that was exciting to me, and no i did not press charges of any kind. I understand where they were coming from. and kind a felt sorry for them, but I GOT MY CAR!