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International collateral locators????

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  • International collateral locators????

    Has anyone ever heard of or worked for INTERNATIONAL COLLATERAL LOCATORS? You can pm if you'd like. I really need some info. Thanks for any info you can give.

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    Are they a Forwarder? I have never heard of them.


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      The name makes me believe they are written off paper buyer's, debt called skip companies....these types need to be put out of business. If the bank has no interest in the collateral than nor should we.


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        To give everyone an update on International Collateral Locators please beware.... They have a parent company ICU but run under many aliases. They are a RIP OFF scheme. They give a quote for $x but after the unit is recovered they will extort and withhold your unit till you pay 3-10 times the quoted $x.... The supervisor "Dan" is an arrogant prune. I had to laugh at him. He actually thought he could ruin a well respected 63 year old collateral recovery company. They previously was using a corp address in Vegas but has since changed to a UPS store in Cleveland Ohio. Good luck on this crazy roller coaster world we call collateral recovery.


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          Does anyone have a contact number for International collateral locators?