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    So im curious on how many here think a union for repossessors would be good ?

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    Originally posted by skiptracer1 View Post
    So im curious on how many here think a union for repossessors would be good ?
    At first glance I think it could be good to some degree but many unions have lost their place and power nowadays... It would also be vey difficult to get one started and managed to the point of effectiveness...

    I strongly fell that stronger industry associations, more active members participating within these associations working together thru the C.O.R.P. is a very positive way for us all to work together without having the need to create a union...and pay more fees, as in Union dues.

    For the argument that maybe one does not want to join an association...the same can be said for joining a union.

    Anyway, good question and I hope you become one of the more active ones in trying to make this a better industry to work in.

    Almost forgot -> C.O.R.P. =


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      I agree the formation of a group consisting of the associations to speak for a large number of Recovery Agencies has the ability to voice a concise, straight forward opinion to lenders and the forwarding model.
      However many do not feel the money spent on belonging to one of the trade groups is beneficial enough for the cost involved. I hear from agency owners all over the country who belong to one or more associations and are not renewing because they can spend their money in more useful places. This group has no voice. Secondly I speak to many who are at the core of $225.00 involuntary, $100.00 voluntary, no storage, no close fees, or any other fees and have a good number of accounts. Here lies the base of the problem, they get approved by one of the vetting companies (one that approves them when they wouldn't pass under the idea they give them time to get their act together and will re-inspect later, yea right) and they are cleared to work for the forwarding model and some of the lenders direct.
      I believe some success can be made through the Corp. but the root of the problem has to be destroyed, just like weeds in your garden. Not wanting to keep someone from making a living but bring them to a standard like those who are professionals, or help them find another field of employment.
      In some manor those professionals who are not part of an association, for whatever reason which I will respect, needs to be heard. I have meet many in this group and most are very good honest, educated, business owners.


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        One solution is to just step back from the repo business all together, and diversify. Start doing roadside assistance towing, public agency towing, cash for junk cars, or private property tows.. and start dropping the bad clients.
        Towing is some areas is a lot more profitable than repossession... You know the car will be there, and often it will pay twice as much (for your time, fuel, etc).


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          I've said this on many platforms and will say it here again. I think the major associations and CORP need to collectively issue a press release calling out the lenders that put consumers in danger (the ones that require free keys, free storage, contingency ect.).

          When a debtor sues Santander because their contingent repossessor had to break into a garage just to be paid, then their attorney can say to a judge, "Hey, even the national associations believe Santander operates without the consumers best interest in mind. Why couldn't a billion dollar company pay $100 or $200 more for a professional?"

          I think a judge or jury would find any client negligent.

          Again, just my $0.02


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            So fellas the reason i wrote this is i have been in the industry since early 90s and have seen a bad trend that seems to trickle down to the agent getting terrible pay and still taking all the risk .

            For the company owners to make more money they sure can fall short in to the forwarding company scam. Run your trucks and guys in the ground makes no sense.

            I have been in all aspects the associations seemed geared toward some positive directions but in all seem like a big phone book directory at best and what is left of them .....

            Agents should never have to settle for rates that were back in early 90 s now .

            AT least with a union possibly set a gold standard for the industry and for the agent out in the field and the good clients would adhere to the idea .


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              I was an owner operator in Illinois. Started in 1993 and retired in 2014. I can tell you that myself and many of the other agencies would not benefit from a labor union in the collateral recovery and skiptracing industry. Our profits would be adjusted substantially in favor of the guy actually risking his life, and not the owners, so of course we didn't want this, so we worked hard with people like Kevin, and Scott, to change the law and make sure the level of professionalism was there when it came to licensing an agent working for an agency, but keep profits flowing in the same directions, that of the owner's pockets. This gives the banks and agency owners all the control over the billions of dollars generated by the guys in the field doing the work. Now, I'm retired, and don't have to worry about retribution from certain people for putting this up here, but while I was billing Ford motor credit 170k for the year as one of many clients and loving life, I mentioned to both of those guys that a Union would help both the guys on the ground and the owner's, by retaking control of what the banks should pay for such a dangerous and liable service, but they didnt agree. The banks want you to take all the risk, but they want it cheap, and last time I checked, life isn't cheap. I know how we can for sure start a nation wide Union. And I have friends who have been in the business a long while who are retired as well, who agree with me in that it's time to take the recovery industry to the next level, and take back control of one of the most dangerous professions in the world. We aren't baking cookies here right, and the guys actually doing the work should be making a good portion of the money billed out for that one repo.. A Nation wide Union would force the industry to look out for the agent doing the work. A nation wide Union will not allow a company to pass on the workmans comp insurance cost onto the agent when the agency should be paying. All the laws are in place now, protecting the guy actually taking possession of the collateral, and the one significant change a Union will bring now, is more money, opportunity and job security for the agents in the field. It's time to Unite and retake control of your future. God speed.


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                Personally there are my options in my opinion to regain control of this Business away from the Forwarders that are requiring so much more but not paying up. The new RCM app and CARS certification for every employee is getting out of hand. They want more from us that is coming out of our pockets to keep work coming in, Fuel Prices are going through the roof again and Insurance rates are insane. Allot of these clients have been price fixing the entire industry and the free storage is killing us. 45-60 days on our lot and they dont want to pay for any of it.

                Cost of Living here in Colorado is insane and the Min Wage is being raised to $12.50 hr. Yet our Repossession rates have not changed in years.

                If every company would put there foot down and start fighting back then we can take control but i have noticed that everyone one is out for them selves and will screw over the next company just to get a leg up but not look at the bigger picture of what can be accomplished if we just fight together.

                I dont know if a Union would be the way to go but if done right im sure it could help us all. I have heard of talk in the past for a class action law suit for Price fixing or something along those lines.

                This is more a rant about this crap but until people start fighting back then nothing will change.


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                  Repo industry

                  To My brother in the Repossession industry, this a matter long overdue but nothing can be done we are being paid 1990 repo fees and the forwarding companies are making in average $ 1500 or $2500 per repo and paying us a percentage of that amount here not too long from now this forwarding company will start purchasing their own trucks and weed us the mom and pop shops out of business ARS is one of those companies here in Oklahoma they are doing there recovery testing the market and in California Primaritus is doing the same thing. it a game for big corporations to control the industry.