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  • Love doing this ... but different

    I'm in the repo and skip tracing business as an employee of a furniture store. Very regulated ... the mark MUST be PRESENT at the time I take possession of the property or I can get into some pretty serious trouble.

    Started out in the rent-to-own industry.

    One of my early repos, a buddy of mine (we were both a bit green at the time) and I went into a house he said he had permission to enter to pick up a stereo. Like I said, we were green.

    We arrived, could hear the stereo bumping before we turned off the truck.

    He walked up, turned the door knob and said "C'mon buddy, Joe said for me to pick up the stereo this morning while he's at work. " We go inside, and it is black like midnight (all the windows were covered with trash bags) and John says "be quiet, his girl is sleeping".

    Once my eyes start to adjust, I see we aren't there alone. Probably a dozen folks passed out on the furniture and floor. On the coffee table there are several wads of cash, a couple of guns and lots of crack, pills, and weed as well as alcohol.

    I look over at John, and he is slowly turning down the stereo. Now this stereo has a pair of carpeted speaker cases with 15" woofers. When he gets it turned down, he unplugs it and starts unhooking the speakers.

    "Don't wake nobody up." Yeah, I think that would be a good idea. A young white guy and this old Injun at a party of young black men with guns (and drugs) ... taking their tunes.

    We each took two trips in and out to do the repo. Surprised no one woke up.

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    very lucky dude . that wouldn't have been very pretty.


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      WTF did I just read.


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        Sounds like something that I can see in a series.