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Prices being Lowered.......... Not for me

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  • Prices being Lowered.......... Not for me


    So we have been getting several emails over the last few weeks on Clients dropping there fee's for Storage, Redemption's, and now normal repossession fee's, Well i started dropping clients and unless the rest of the Recovery companies out here start doing the same your going to go out of Business anyway. Im here in Colorado and the Min Wage will be $12.50 an hr at the end of this year. Insurance costs are still going up, Cost of Living here has gone up way more then it ever should be with a small 1Bdrm apartment renting for around $1k a month. I have been raising my fee's trying to offset all the other BS but im getting really fed up with this crap real fast. 20 days of free storage, no redemption fee's, no storage for debtor for the first 10 days, wanting free transport to the closest Auction, free standard keys. Some of these forwarders are paying there CSR's more then my drivers are getting paid and they dont do a **** thing but were the ones taking the risks.

    When are the rest of you going to start really fighting back? I know im ranting and venting to you all since i know that there are a very good portion of you that feel the same way but not doing anything. It would be real shame if we did a nation wide Strike, but i know that that will never happen.

    Again just venting but what are some of your thoughts on this?

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    Just wanted to share an article written by Jeremy Cross which talks about this exact topic. It's called "Who are the real bad guys; banks forwarders, or agents?" It goes into depth about vehicle repossession and who's really at fault for the decline in individual agent business. Check it out here.
    As we all know the state of the repossession industry has changed drastically in the last few years.  What was once a very lucrative industry...
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