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Ufc 143

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  • Ufc 143

    !!PPV Fights!!
    Diaz vs Condit

    Nelson vs Werdum

    Koscheck vs Pierce

    Barao vs Jorgensen

    Herman vs Starks

    Poirier vs Holloway

    Caceres vs Figueroa

    Brown vs Cope

    Riddle vs Martinez

    Who is watching and who do you think is winning

  • #2
    Isn't this the fight George St Pier got hurt right before??

    Ill order it for sure and I think Diaz will win, also Starks looks good.


    • #3
      Yes this is for the interm belt until George comes back

      Diaz is good, I hope that Nelson can pull a win over Werdum I trained with him for several years here in Vegas. Starks? I dont know he is fighting a pretty mean vegitarian! I will also take Koscheck by decision in a wrestling match. We will see Saturday night! Have a fun weekend everybody


      • #4
        Man I just wish Pacio and Meyfeather would finally duke it out!


        • #5
          Condit by KO
          Werdum - medium country is then cut from the ufc
          Koscheck via wrestlefuk

          The rest don't matter to me either way although I'm looking forward to watching Matt Brown vs Chris Cope...WOOOOO


          • #6
            That was not the greatest card, the fights were good technicial fights and rather close but they were all chess matches and the crowd likes to see checkers. Oh well there will be another one in like 15 minutes.

            I miss the early days when they put on about 4 shows a year and the cards were filled with nothing but world class fighters against world class fighters from the first fight to the last.