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2011 ram 2500 with Detroit Wrecker Lil Herc

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  • 2011 ram 2500 with Detroit Wrecker Lil Herc

    I posted this truck here back in 2015 when I first had it built to show it off. I loved this truck so much we converted our entire fleet to this style. Detroit Wrecker is building my 9th one that should be finished this week. It will replace this one.

    Its still an absolutely great truck being run daily.

    please follow the link to facebook marketplace to get more info on it. if it sells I will update it there immediately.

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    I remember seeing this truck somewhere maybe it was here. Someone gave you Hell for the color LOL? Anyway, I like this set up. Any problems towing pickups etc? I wish you would post a pic of a vehicle on the lift for the peanut gallery. Are you running a counter weight?

    Ive never used a Lil Herk Ive been partial to Sneekers had several of them. Though, I wish Hytech would reinforce the frames like Detroit does.