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  • Want to switch it up.

    Been running a 3500 ram and a 3 car wedge for almost 3 years now. Mostly run from mobile, al area to central and south Florida. I do a lot of pick ups from tow yards to manheim and it has treated me pretty well but I'm just tired of being away from home so much. I already have a truck to put a lift on, mc and dot numbers, and commercial insurance with zero claims or tickets. I already got a quote and the rate will drop through the floor. Now I just need to be in touch with some lending institutions and get some work. I feel like I don't have a lot to lose, if it doesn't work I'll just go back to hauling cars. What are most of you getting per car being owner operators? I thought it may vary per region. I'm in NW Florida. Any input will be very appreciated.

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    Most repossession Adjusters Lease there repossession vehicle from the company they work for thay pay a fee every paycheck for the truck and the repossession system they run they are independent contractors so your pay would be pretty much the same as there's although if you use your truck you wouldn't have a truck payment to worry about but those still hit you with these four repo systems or what have you cuz as repossession adjuster you are an independent contractor most of the time I haven't heard of very many that are company drivers unless they are camera car or spotters you pay for your own fuel you pay for your own damages and wear and tear on your truck and they protect you on the legal side of things insurance and give you the equipment needed like a laptop or tablet with whatever repossession system they use or if the company has not caught up with technology we might just get a binder with printed repossession orders with the debtors name address place of employment vehicle information of course but you are right it varies place to place right now here in Oklahoma the best I've heard is 90 a repo 75 for a voluntary and 60 for inpound I hope this little bit of information helped you out and I wish you the best of luck and stay safe out there if you need anything you can p.m. me or just write on my bord