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Repossession on my property - Phila. PA

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  • Repossession on my property - Phila. PA

    Hi y'all,

    I found this forum searching for answers on my situation, and I hope someone can help. On my commercial property in Philly, there is a 2012 BMW 5 series that I have been confirmed is up for repo. The finance company said someone would reach out to me, but it has never happened.

    Is there a repo company I can contact locally to have it removed, I just don't know how this works. Is there a way a I can be compensated for releasing this vehicle (it owes me over $6k in parking fees, I'd like it to not be a total loss on my end.)

    Any information is truly appreciated. I'm a member on many forums and I know there are a bunch of "no no" first posts. I hope this isn't one of them, and if apologies.

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    File a lien on the title, i guarantee you will hear from the finance company within a week


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      There is most likely a state/city specific answer to your question. I find most laws require you send some type of certified mail notice to the lien holder and the registered owner. The law generally only allows so much storage to be charged until the notice is sent.

      Call your local DMV to see how long you have to wait and what the process is for filing for abandonment. Usually that requires another certified mailing and perhaps a notice in the local paper.

      You can always hire a lawyer and probably get this done quicker, but pay a fee.


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        i am in philadelphia pa inbox me a number i will call you tomorrow


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          File a lien.
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